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Areas of activity

The law firm Staeger & Sperling works together with a professional team of experienced patent attorneys, lawyers and technical experts, and has support staff in the field of industrial property protection as well as administrative and tax experts who enable the company to offer all kinds of modern services in the field of industrial property protection.

Employee invention law

We advise you on questions of the Employee Invention Act and on inventor compensation for an invention.

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Design protection

We advise you on questions related to design registration, design infringement, and design research.

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Utility model law

The utility model is the “little brother” of the patent and is an effective industrial property right.

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License agreements

Licensing law – software licenses, trademark licenses, copyright licenses. We advise you promptly and comprehensively.

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Trademark protection

If you have any questions about trademark law or the law of company trademarks, please contact us.

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Novelty research, technology research, research on the prior art, and trademark research.

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If you would like an in-house seminar on a specific topic, simply contact us.

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Plant variety protection

Plant variety protection protects the intellectual property of plant breeding similar to a patent.

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